Maths for parents – primary school

How can I help my child at school?

A lot of parents would like to support their kids, but which way is the best to really help your child? How can you help your child with his/her homework? What makes sense and what does not make any sense?

Practical exercises and also some explanation about how maths is taught today at primary schools.

For parents of kids who are currently in primary school.

The event will take place from 9:30 to 11:30, with a few little breaks, drinks (tea & water), and small snack provided.

During each event, questions are welcome. Apart from that, questions could also be submitted beforehand.

The presentation and Questions & Answers will be in English.

Contact addresses for further information will be handed out, also links to useful official webpages.

Fee for each event: 30 EUR per participant

Limited amount of participants

Please register:

Participants are welcome to send also some questions before the event. Please also indicate already how many children you have and the age of each child.

Dr. Petra Nass

Little Shop of Science
Amalienstrasse 87-89 (Amalienpassage, Amalienhof Süd)
80799 München